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At ACS, we realize that off-the-shelf software solutions aren't always the best fit. When you have a spe-cific problem to solve and you need the answer to integrate smoothly with your existing business pro-cesses, custom application development is often the most cost effective and efficient way to go.


Custom application development means you get to decide the functions your software will have. Com-plete control over design specs means the application will mesh with your current suite of software prod-ucts and user training will be less of a hassle.


Unlike commercial applications which frequently require regular license updates or fees for new users, custom application development from ACS lets you invest in "perfect fit" software that is wholly owned by your corporation. This allows you to keep licensing costs off of the balance sheet when expanding your business.


Properly designed, a custom application from ACS will grve you the freedom to add additional functionality at a later date while preserving the aspects of the software that you have come to appreciate and depend on. Let ACS free you from the forced upgrade paths employed by many major software companies.

We specialize in Microsoft (.Net framework & SQL Server) and open source technologies such as:

  • ASP .NET
  • C# .NET
  • Windows Forms .NET
  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • LAMP
    (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL)

We create and support web applications as well as desktop solutions.
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Thanks for troubleshooting what no one else could. Our sluggish network is now screaming fast and we can get things done! Thank you ACS!
Doctor Danny A.
We have hired ACS to design and implement our Microsoft Exchange and Citrix servers within our network infrastructure. The work completed was stupendous. Their superior technical expertise and excellent personal and communication skills have made working with ACS a true pleasure. I have rarely found a company that demonstrates the integrity and quality of service as that of ACS. I would highly recommend ACS for any technology related work.
Carol S.

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